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Alternative Heating & Fuels

Always has what I need prices are great and people are like family
Very nice and friendly place. Helpful knowledgeable people working there.
Did business here for years and loved the previous owners. They had that small town charm, genuinely nice people, helpful, and very caring. The new guy was rude to my elderly friend and to me on a separate matter...won’t happen again. Unfortunate to see the prior owners work so hard to build something up to watch someone tear it down.
We recently bought a stove from Alternatve Heating. The price was good so we had them finance it for us.The financial company, Time Payment. My wife signed the contract without reading it. Time payment now has us locked into a contract that more than doubled the purchase price, and added a balloon payment of 800 to the end of the loan. We were told by time payment that if we didnt want the stove at the end of the 45 month lease we could return it and they would waive the balloon payment. If you buy anything from here pay cash, do not finance with time payment. We were originally told the stove and installation would be 6000. Now we are on the hook for 14395. If we break the contract we are still responsible for the remainder of the loan even though we still have not had the stove installed.
WOW! The people are so friendly and knowledgeable, we ended up purchasing a pellet stove for each house. I highly recommend the drive no matter how far. These guys are worthy of every bit of my business. Will definitely do more business in the future.