Pellet Burning Information
Pellet stoves are the perfect choice for people that often experience high home heating bills due to fluctuating energy costs. In fact, pellet stoves are often installed in homes as secondary heat sources to help maintain control over heating expenses. The reason is the fuel. Pellet stoves burn economical pellets kmade from recycled sawdust. The economy of pellets is due to the low cost of the materials and the efficiency of the manufacturing processes, as well as the ability for people to lock in an entire year of fuel costs before the beginning of the heating season.

Pellet stoves are efficient home heaters thanks to state-of-the-art technology that helps control the fuel-to-air ratio within the stove and ensures almost complete combustion of the fuel. This technology helps to generate minimal wood smoke, making pellet stoves the lowest emission solid-fuel buning hearth products available today and a popular choice in areas where winter air quality is an issue.

A pellet stove is an automated wood burner. Pellet stoves operate with an easy-to-use convenience while providing a rich, radiant and convection heat. To use a pellet stove, simply load a supply of pellets into the hopper and start the stove. Once the stove is operating, an automated feed system delivers the wood pellets into a burn chamber within the stove where combustion air is forced through the fire creating a mini furnace. In many pellet stoves, the ignition system is also automatic, increasing the convenience factor.

The power-venting feature of a pellet stove allows for installation is placing the stove near an electrical outlet. All pellet stoves require electricity to operate, although battery packs are available for many stoves just in case the power goes out. Once installed, pellet stoves are easy to maintain. Routine tasks include filling the hopper with pellets, emptying the ash pan weekly, periodic cleaning of the burn pot, hopper, ash traps and glass, and annual professional service of the entire unit before the start of each cold season.

Much like any other appliance, it is important to spend the time to choose the right pellet stove. Before you make your final decision, visit a specialty retailer in your area for experienced advice. A specialty retailer is a trained pellet stove expert. He or she can arrange for installation by a certified professional installer and provide a resource for where to purchase pellets in your area. Specialty retailers are also the best source of information about how to correctly operate a pellet stove and what is necessary for proper maintenance.